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He was a wealthy man ‘cause he worked like a whore

Makes three times more than he did before

Fishing out on that Eastern shore side

You should check out his new ride


She went up North and took a risk that day

It was worth the chance of getting whisked away

By a healthy man with a handsome pay

She gonna make herself his bride


Whoa, look at all your friends a-widening that highway

Getting’ ready for the diamonds

and the gold

and all the oil they could carry


Having a Grande Ole Tyme on the Prairie


He could dance the jig now he’s a rig hand

He’s in the woodland making big, big plans

A roughneck standing where the buffalo used to roam

Gone and made themselves a home


He came from the rock now he’s cookin’ in the coker

Hatchin’ up a batch out on the patch

Punchin’ the clock and frackin’ for Halliburton

Still crackin’ behind the curtain’


She says, “whoa, but it’s just to good to leave ‘em all behind.

I gotta future and a family now

and a place

where all my burdens I can bury.”


Having a Grande Ole Tyme on the Prairie

Having a Grande Ole Tyme on the Prairie


Grande Ole Tyme

(on the Prairie)

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