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There are many singer-songwriters out there, but very few who have the whole package such as Rob Taylor. 
- Anya Wilson

I'm not easily or frequently impressed, but Rob Taylor is a uniquely talented individual, worthy of attention. There's nothing manufactured or fabricated about this man's approach to songwriting or performing. He's an honest and authentic storyteller, and a compelling singer. I hear enormous potential in Rob Taylor, and I would like to voice my enthusiastic endorsement.
- Jim Vallance

I have been playing piano for Jann Arden for the last 13 years, and I have come across a lot of musicians in that time that were quite talented, but few I have seen can compare to the electrifying vocal and song writing abilities of Rob Taylor. Superb work.
- Darcy Phillips

I love it. A LOT!

- Eric Alper


Rob Taylor is a true entertainer. His guitar playing and singing span a gamut of styles including Rock, Folk, Pop, Blues and Celtic. Rob Taylor’s songs are powered by a great sense of dynamics and some wonderful hooks. He also has a great sense of melody, sophisticated chord structures and a voice that is slightly reminiscent of Cat Stevens. There's nothing manufactured or fabricated about this man's approach to songwriting or performing. He's an honest and authentic storyteller, and a compelling singer.

His primary influences are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and David Bowie. This is evident in his approach to music and his personality. Rob’s originality is found in his genuinely poetic lyrics, which give us a fresh grasp at the abstract.


“I like to study in contrast, placing dark and heavy themes against a light and cheerful backdrop.” “My objective is to be thought provoking while at the same time offer resolve.” This is apparent in Rob’s second track “A Dreadful Mistake” on his first album “A Special Occasion,” a song that tackles the difficult issue of family court through the use of circus and flood metaphors.

As a solo acoustic performer one can imagine kicking back and relaxing in the sunshine while listening to the sounds of songs like “Our Roots” – a single about personal identity and how becoming a father helped him understand who he is, or a number like “Under the moon,” which reflects on our individual travesties without ever spelling out what they are. Contrarily, singles such as “Do you remember?” and “Murder of Crows,” from his new release “Passionate Crime,” with their rich accompaniment of instruments and engineered tricks, draw a more mythological picture of our origins and leave the listener contemplating new perspectives on life. In either mode, Rob Taylor has an intimate method of addressing topics in his music that, at once, lays out a problem and offers a solution. “Passionate Crime” speaks to our humanity and our common perils in uncommon ways and carries the listener through an epic journey of betrayal and demise, love and hope.

For more than 20 years, his versatility has made him a perfect fit for everything from roughing it at an outdoor concert event to soaking it in at a soft-seated theater. His talent has been a vital contribution to various health and wellness organizations such Caritas and CASA. Community groups and counseling services such as the NCSA, ADAAC, Health Canada and YMCA have all brought Rob Taylor aboard to send a message of self-empowerment to several demographics. Rob was the recipient of a Rawlco radio grant and placed in an international song-writing contest as well as the Memphis Blues Challenge in 2015. These experiences have allowed Rob to continue to share his unbridled charisma and speak to our hearts and minds.

There is magic to his one-man-band operation of cleverly looping rhythms, bringing hundreds of cover songs to life out of thin air like a human jukebox. It has made him a favorite in the pub circuits and other live music scenes. At this artist’s creative core, however, there is a devoted wordsmith with an expansive body of work suited for soundtrack material and your ear buds. It’s music with a mission!  

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