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Soon now it it’ll be sundown

                            I’ll be the only one around                            

Dancing here beside you


Don’t know what you’ve been through but

I promise that I’m not here to

Coerce you or deride you

Though it seems, sometimes, you like it better that way


But a little of my Love will go a long way


Sometimes the sunshine

Will find its way betwixt the vines

Tangling around you

But if that’s where you wanna hide

Please don’t let it be denied

That I’d finally found you

Yet still you sit and shy yourself away


But a little of your Love will go a long way


I see you, you’re stirrin’

I’m trying to encourage you

To blossom like a flower


So come now if you’re curious

I don’t mean to hurry us

But it’s the final hour

And you know how life gets shorter every day


But a little of our Love will go a long way


Our Love 

(will go a long way)

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