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Our Routes

It was late at night in the tall grass

The stars, my windows

My blanket, the sky above

I was in the room of Love


Earlier in the day I sat in the shade

Of my own family tree


Where to place me


Through these hard times

I faced hard times blind

I didn't know


'Cause in my mind

I took a turn at every sign

Now I hear the wind blow


I wanna branch in all directions

Plant my roots and watch 'em grow


Now here I am and the moments are passed

I'm dear to them

I got my son at last

Man, I just adore him


He's still leading the race at the speedway

Setting the pace for

The changes of my day

I just can't ignore them


'Cause there's danger

If he turns into a stranger

I didn't know


And that little saint there

Becomes a feeling growing fainter

Like an echo


I hope he finds a direction 

Plans his route before he goes...




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