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The flood was bloody insane

As we sank into our instincts again

Be damned if I could explain how

Our best intentions just went down the drain


We watched the levies of our Love

Buckle as the push came to shove

But before they barely sprang a leak

You turned your back and, baby, pulled the plug


You bailed yourself out!

I tried to stem the tide

As you swam into the darkness to hide

Guess I caught the wave as you gave your goodbye


She's taking the baby, she's moving away now

Abandoning ship, I was left in her wake

Don't be alarmed when those dockets are opened

And you're coping with all of the mess that you make

Don't be alarmed when you're torn and you're broken

And hoping it's not all a dreadful mistake


It was a cheating lie

You know my girl is the pearl of my eye

Now I'm swimming in a deluge of tears

I fear may never run dry


Because I'm tredding water again

And I'm looking for a light overhead

Send a search and rescue for my soul

Since you left me for dead


Pearl Of My Eye

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